Diane Yokes has enjoyed a successful career as a freelance make-up artist and stylist.

Her experience has led her to the privilege of working with a range of Celebrities, Professional
Athletes, Actors, Models, Dignitaries, and everyday Real People. She continues to serve
the advertising industry by making talent look their best for Television Commercials, Live
Broadcasts, Print
and other Social Media.

As the demands for High Definition Broadcast have increased through the years,
Diane continues to  test new products in her home based photo studio using high
definition cameras and lights. She continues to maintain her kit with all the best
new products and styling techniques that the industry requires.

This image of “Naked Lady Draped in Film” was Art Directed and styled by Diane to be used as her first
promotional piece in the Early 1980ʼs. The photo was taken on Black and White film by photographer, John Beckett.
She used the ends of film rolls given to her by Film Directors after their shoots.



For rates and availability contact Diane Yokes at: diane@yokesmakeup.com or call 414-881-2473


Click Here for printable resume. Diane’s Resume